Steloolive: A sonic response

Broaden your horizon and … enjoy!

An absolute pleasure to welcome sonic artist Steloolive (Accra/Berlin) to Bad Ems. On the occasion of this night’s vernissage, Steloolive is responding to the aesthetic positions by leo, Markues, Alexander Janz and Nino Bulling.

Steloolive is a Ghanaian performance artist. Known as a sound and Electronic Music DJ, Steloolive’s body of work consists of a mixture of experimental sound performances, fashion, art, and photography. His sensual takes on city’s and the possibilities they hold, are edgy and stimulating – we’re keen to hear Steloolive’s Bad Ems.

Join us tonight, 24.11.23, from 7pm, at RichCake Bad Ems.

Steloo’s insta: steloolive
Photo: Ofoli Kwei