The work of the Artist Residency Schloss Balmoral (ASRB) is made possible by various committees, which as important supporters and initiators help to shape the profile of the Institution.

Advisory Board

An advisory board with 10 members was established to support and advise the ARSB’s management.

It advises the ASRB on the carrying out of its tasks, contributing suggestions and recommendations concerning its fundamental concept and organisation.

The members of the advisory board are:

The Minister for Science, or a permanent representative as Chairperson

Two appointed members, one of whom should be from the local business community

The Chairperson of the Council of the University of Fine Arts and Design Mainz

Three members to be appointed by the Joint Local Authority Board

One member of the Professional Association of Visual Artists (BBK)

One visual artist from the Rhineland-Palatinate

The Chairperson of Balmoral 03, the Friends of the ARSB

Director of the ARSB in an advisory capacity


Joint Local Authority Board

“Schloss Balmoral Bad Ems” is the joint local authority board responsible for the unique historical building of Schloss Balmoral itself. Its members are Staatsbad Bad Ems GmbH, the Rhine-Lahn District, the Bad Ems-Nassau Association of Municipalities and the town of Bad Ems.

The Rhein-Lahn District Administration is responsible for the management of Schloss Balmoral. The Rhine-Lahn District Administrator is the head of the Joint Local Authority Board.



The Balmoral Jury

The decision to award the scholarships is made by an independent jury of experts, usually consisting of a jury chairperson and eight expert jurors representing various professional groups as follows:

Director of the ASRB as Chairperson

Representative from the field of Art Criticism

Representative from an exhibition institution

The Chairperson of the Balmoral Committee of the Council of the University of Fine Arts and Design Mainz

A further member to be nominated by the Council of the University of Fine Arts and Design Mainz

Representative of an artists’ association located in the Rhineland-Palatinate

An independent artist

A former scholarship holder

A specialist from the department of the Ministry for Culture in Rhineland-Palatinate, Mainz