The in-house library at the Artist Residency Schloss Balmoral has been expanding constantly since 1996. With almost 9,000 titles – consisting of monographs, catalogues, magazines, films and videos – and unique ambience, the library invites you to dive in and immerse yourself in some very rare publications.

The main room, which is largely barrier-free, is arranged in a circle. Monographs and other printed materials in a range of languages are stored on shelves up to 4½ metres high.

A particular highlight of the library is the tower room, which can be reached via a spiral staircase in the main room, and which allows an impressive view of Bad Ems with its magnificent 19th century buildings, the Malberg and its dramatic natural surroundings, along with the gently flowing Lahn, all of which make this a very special retreat.

Today’s library has undergone considerable architectural changes during its history. The preserved stained glass windows in the main room today define the ARSB’s corporate design and are stylistically related to rose windows, diffusing daylight to create both delicate lighting and subtle atmosphere.

Other Art Nouveau-related windows can be found in the tower room, their decoratively curved lines and stylised, floral ornaments adorning the glass which is held in place by original frames.

Scholarship holders often use the library to prepare for their projects. However, external guests are also welcome to visit the library, by prior arrangement, and to make use of its resources and eight on-site seating and reading areas in person. In addition, we have an electronic catalogue which offers further support for any research.