Our Friends

The association Balmoral 03 has been supporting the Artist Residency Schloss Balmoral for over 20 years. It has set itself the goal of fostering the institution and its scholarship holders ideologically, practically and financially. Balmoral 03 is sustained by residents wishing to take on responsibility for their cultural environment, outside of urban centres, in the so-called provinces.

The Artist Residency Schloss Balmoral, located in one such province, makes a highly significant contribution to both national and international contemporary art, and it is therefore Balmoral 03’s firm belief that it deserves wide-ranging support.

In return, the Friends of the Artist Residency Schloss Balmoral are given the opportunity to enjoy specialised programmes in the company of the artists and the University of Fine Arts and Design Mainz, ranging from joint dinners, concerts, lectures or performances to exclusive salon events. The Friends are our welcome, highly valued guests and partners.